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DeerKids學玩樂隸屬於A.S.K Education group,自2011年成立以來,一直為0-18歲兒童及青少年提供成長、學術支援、專業輔導及評估課程。

DeerKids belongs to A.S.K Education group which established in 2011. The A.S.K Education group provides developpsychological courses, academic support, professional counseling and evaluation program for children and youth aged 0-18.


2011年至2012年間,A.S.K Education group先後創辦了博雅學譽教育中心和青藍學社,分別為12-18歲中學生提供補習及學術支援課程,及為0-12歲兒童提供成長課程、學術支援、專業輔導及評估,以及與各大中、小學、幼稚園及社區中心共同合辦多元化的幼兒及兒童課程,包括英語Phonics班、升小面試班及科學實驗班等。

During 2011 to 2012, A.S.K Education group set up i-Sophy Education Centre and Beyond Learning Association, providing tutorial lessons and academic support for secondary students aged 12-18; and development courses, academic support, professional counseling and evaluation to children aged 0-12 respectively. We also jointly collaborate with tertiary institutes, secondary and primary schools, kindergartens and community centres to hold diversified preschool’s and children’s program, such as English phonics class, interview class for primary entry and science experiment class, etc.



Since the establishment of Beyond Learning Association, we have seen many children aged 0-12, and realized that age 0-6 is the most crucial stage of growth for kids. During the period, they learn fast and have strong thirst for knowledge. Children will also have their habits, mode of learning and values formed which directly affects their living habits during primary school life. In other words, their behavior and learning performance are primarily constructed during age 0-6. 



To offer suitable programs to kids, in 2016 we set up DeerKids which mainly provide children development, “learnXplay” program to children aged 0-6. Our team also invites professionals including registered social workers, children-centred play therapy instructors, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI®), registered teachers and childcare workers.







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